Tea trends to follow in 2022

Tendances Thés à suivre en 2022

2020 showed us all the ways we can stay healthy, and we think 2021 will continue that trend with a focus on healthy tea, antioxidant tea, and nutrient tea. In addition, we also conducted research and found that tea drinkers are looking forward to less sweet teas and more hot teas in the coming year. Now let's take a closer look at tea trends in 2021 and talk about the types of tea you should be looking for in the coming year!

Healthy Tea

Although all teas are relatively "healthy," we believe 2021 will bring a renewed focus on healthy teas, especially herbal teas. Look for teas with ginger, cardamom, or other spices, and you'll have yourself the best tea of ​​2021. There are many popular and healthy types of herbal teas to choose from, and they all have different effects, so let’s take one of our favorites!

Chamomile-based DETOX tea is likely to be very popular in 2021. Chamomile tea has been shown to have anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it is found in so many digestive tea blends but also detox.

Chamomile is also thought to have calming effects and help you fall asleep, which is why it is ideal to drink at bedtime. We recommend our DETOX tea if you want to try a delicious, healthy blend of chamomile and other herbal ingredients.

Antioxidant Tea

Almost all types of tea contain some level of antioxidants, but green tea and white tea are particularly popular as antioxidants. Green tea has been shown to provide potential health benefits, such as improved brain function, protection against cancer, improved fat loss, and lower risk of heart disease. Pair green tea with a spiced tea, and you'll be on top of the tea trends of 2021. Our BURNER tea combines green tea with white tea and rooibos for even more health benefits.

Our BURNER tea is a great choice, combining the powerful antioxidants of white tea with green rooibos for a healthy cup of tea with a dose of antioxidant power!

Rooibos tea has also been used in its native South Africa throughout history for its anti-aging properties. Antioxidants are essential molecules for maintaining good health and preventing many diseases.

Take a look at our Beauty Tea which contains a blend of rooibos and other botanicals that will help you feel good!

Nutritious Tea

Green teas combined with botanical flavors are known for their nutritional benefits and can help improve heart health as well as gut health, which can aid digestion. It is also believed that green tea may help improve concentration.

Fancy a delicious and traditional tea? Our BEAUTY tea features Sencha leaves, along with pomegranate and peppermint for a delicious sweetness that's as tasty as it is good for you and offers plenty of health benefits too.

Our BEAUTY Tea contains plant extracts known for their effects on complexion radiance and overall well-being. Rich in ingredients with depurative, antioxidant and soothing properties, its active ingredients promote the elimination of toxins from the body, thus preserving its balance.

Jump on these 2021 tea trends!

At JOIA, we are excited for what 2021 has to offer. And while it may bring challenges, we'll all be up for it, especially with a cup of healthy, delicious and nutritious tea loaded with antioxidants!

So, don’t let these 2021 trends escape you. Check out our comprehensive online tea store to find even more delicious, flavorful and healthy types of tea, and expand your tea collection with JOIA today. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. We are always here to help you.

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